Street lights: not good enough

I thought you’d like this.

There are two street lights in Histon, close to where I live, which have been out of action for several months despite this having been registered according to the appropriate process.

I was prompted by a resident to get something done so went round the back and spoke to the relevant officer.

Here’s what the company which runs the street lights for Cambridgeshire County Council is reported to have said to excuse the long delay:


Balfour Beatty have now advised that UKPN are programmed to visit site on the 22nd July and have advised that the delay has been caused by an internal error whereby their administration team thought that the faults in Park Lane had already been repaired when they actually had not and this is why the required actions were not taken to re-instate the electrical supplies to the affected street lights.


Because of the delay Balfour Beatty will now have payment deductions made from this month’s contract payment to cover the period for which the lights have not been in operation. I’m advised that this has also been raised at the monthly contract monitoring meeting.

You just wouldn’t credit it would you? Employing the private sector is supposed to result in efficiencies. And don’t you worry whenever UKPN is identified as being involved?


  1. Hallo.
    Personally speaking I think the street lights are too bright, I live in Bell Hill Histon and don’t sleep well. Often I’m awake at 3 in the morning and it looks like daylight outside! I worry about the wild life especially the birds who often sing because they are confused! If they have to be on all night can’t they dim them more?


    • Sally: fully understand your point and in theory it’s possible to regulate lights individually. In practice we probably need a broader community move. Can I suggest you take this up with the Parish Council?


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