AGM of ‘new’ council at South Cambs

DSC00855 cropIt was the AGM of South Cambs District Council yesterday and as such it marked the start of the newly elected Lib Dem regime.

The new leader, Bridget Smith, made a powerful speech in which she summarised the priorities of her administration:

  • affordable homes;
  • putting the environment first in everything we do;
  • actively support business growth; and
  • transforming the council.

It’s good to note that these accord strongly with the priorities which the Lib Dems in Histon & Impington promoted in their recent election campaign. Check them out at

Bridget also said that she wished to work collaboratively with everyone in the Council:

‘We have already made some small steps towards this through the offering the chair of Scrutiny to Cllr Chamberlain (a Conservative) and the Chairmanship of this council to Cllr de Lacey (an Independant). Both the best people for the job. We have also been pleased to learn that Cllr Ellington (a Conservative) will continue to apply her experience of the health sector for our mutual benefit, and we are really pleased about that. The other group leaders have indicated their support to my group ceding 2 committee places to Cllr de Lacey which can only happen with unanimous support. I thank them for that in anticipation.’

I’m told that the layout of the council chamber has also been changed. Previously it was ‘classroom style’ with the cabinet lined up facing the rest of the council. The new layout is more ‘in the round’. It is more inclusive and will allow for easier debate.

Click here to read Bridget’s speech in full.

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