We’ve got to get our trees back

2018-05-01 11.26.30It’s taken some time but slowly the media is starting to realise what a dreadful mess Highways England and the A14 Integrated Delivery Group has made of its tree felling in Impington.

They gave no forewarning, they appear to have rode roughshod over their obligations to minimise its impact on wildlife, and they seem to be working to plans which go beyond those which have been approved.

I have been working with the Lib Dem candidates in the current district council elections, Martin Cahn, Pippa Heylings (pictured left above) and Steve Hunt, to hold Highways England and the A14 Integrated Delivery Group to account.

And so local radio and the press (click here for the Cambridge News article) and now the TV are starting to report on the issue. Anglia TV were filming this morning and we can expect a feature on its regional news this evening (1 May 18).

Click here to see Pippa talking to local resident Ros Hathorn who lives next to the A14.

The community is angry because Highways England and the A14 Integrated Delivery Group have not honored the industry’s code of practice which requires it, inter alia,  to:

  • respect the wishes of the community;
  • protect the environment; and
  • leave a legacy.

However it knows that it has to move on which is why it’s set up the A14 action group to work with Highways England and the A14 Integrated Delivery Group on a number of workstreams. It’s objective is to enable a positive legacy to be delivered and it is focussing on:

  • trees and ecology. Not just replanting but establishing a sustainable ecosystem.
  • noise. Getting noise barriers that are long and high enough, getting protection for the north-east quadrant and for Orchard Park Community School in the south-east quadrant, and getting the existing reflective barrier by Orchard Park replaced.
  • pollution. Monitoring and managing air pollution. Identifying and implementing mitigation measures.

There is an exhibition/open meeting in the Community Room at the Histon & Impington Rec next Thursday, 10 May 18, from 3 until 7pm.

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