Now what do we do about the parking?

OP com school parkingI helped officers to finalise the Traffic Regulations Order relating to indiscriminate parking outside Orchard Park Community School last week. I was involved because there were two unresolved objections.

I support the TRO because the present situation is unsafe and because both the School and the Community Council support it. Note that with the parking restrictions in place drop-offs outside the school will be unobstructed.

I recognise that the TRO will result in a reduction of parking along Ring Fort Road and this was the reasoning behind the two objections. I accept that the objections were valid but believe that they are outweighed by the safety argument.

I have recommended that it does not stop here. The Community Council should develop a community-wide parking review to look at options for increasing the supply of on-street parking. This might include some way of legitimising parking on the very generous pavements. Who knows but something ‘must be done’.

I also noted that both the County and District Councils have been seriously stupid and/or delinquent in planning for a primary school on the edge of a community and not in the centre and in not setting out safe walking and cycling routes to it from the start. But then that’s just another in the long list of failures by South Cambs in its approval of the various planning applications for Orchard Park.


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