Potholes … it’s getting worse

potholesIf you go onto the County Council website to report a pothole or other road defect (click here to go there) you’ll be shown a running total of potholes filled in the week. And on the map you can see where all the reported defects are

But that rather misses the point. It’s like a dentist boasting about how many fillings his patients are getting. They’re an indication of the underlying condition of our roads and that’s pretty poor. I’ve blogged about this before (click here) and I’ve noted that at the Highways and Community Infrastructure Committee papers have been presented that show less than 50% of the county’s highways will be green rated by 2022. That’s in my monthly report.

There’s a graphic example in H&I along Bridge Road. It was resurfaced recently and a good job was done. Problem is the money ran out so just over the busway bridge going south the resurfacing stops. And that’s where you get into potholes again.

The Tories at the Council are refusing to look at the data, to face  facts and to come up with any sort of forward plan to address the issue.

But what’s new? In Histon & Impington we’re maybe as well served as we might expect and more. The highway engineers are professional and responsive of course but we’ve also had a local resident who’s coordinated input to the CCC web-site. Today he’s emailed:

‘I am getting overwhelmed with the amount of defects I report to the County Council on their website. I therefore request that if you spot a defect, would you kindly report direct.’

That says it all really.

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