Orchard Park needs better bus services

Orchard park bus linksIf you live in Orchard Park and need to get somewhere by bus you don’t have many options.

You might think that the community is well served by the Guided Bus. Wrong. Although it runs along the back of the community most buses don’t stop. In fact there’s no bus stop at Orchard Park for the A, C and N services.

The only service which you can get is the B which runs along King’s Hedges Road at the front of the community with two stops. Trouble is it doesn’t stop any more until it gets to Shire Hall (convenient for all those councillors from Huntingdonshire) so it’s not much use if you want to go to the shops on Histon Road.

When it gets to the city centre it stops. So if you want to go to the station or to Addenbrookes you have to change buses. That’s not terribly convenient.

The other bus services don’t help much either. The citi1 serves Arbury and in theory it’s good for the west end of Orchard Park but you do have to cross King’s Hedges Road to get to it. And the citi8 which runs along Histon Road stops close to the east end of the community but again you’ve got to cross King’s Hedges Road.

Stagecoach did run a service through Orchard Park in the early days because there was Section 106 money to fund it. Sadly when this money ran out Stagecoach pulled the plug.

Nobody wants Stagecoach to run a service at a loss of course. Heaven forbid. But it could perhaps be a little more imaginative and maybe the easiest way for it to respond would be to program the B service to stop once on Histon Road close to the shops.


  1. I couldn’t agree more.
    Your points are spot on!
    As a resident of Orchard Park and with two members of our household working at Addenbrookes, changing bus is a daily task.
    I though the we were trying to encourage people of get their cars of the road.
    As for the shops….if the B bus could at least stop on Histon Road for the shops, that would indeed me a god send. Many of my neighbours aren’t blessed with a car, so easier access to shops would help.
    Not everybody feels comfor table with Internet shopping.
    Keep up the good work DavI’d…..your team diffinately have my vote.


  2. Shame on you, there are so many other communities with NO service for MILES. And you complain with FOUR services to chose from.

    Its not as if you not in walking and cycling distance from most city services. Many in the county don’t have access to a shop let alone a PO


    • No shame but you’re not wrong. I can only fight my battles but I do agree that elsewhere there are lots of places with no bus services and no local amenities. As long as we have a regime which doesn’t recognise the need to fight rural isolation it’s sadly going to get worse. With respect to Orchard Park it is effectively a part of Cambridge even though it’s democratically in South Cambs. It is an urban community and it might expect to enjoy some of the advantages that urban communities have like easy public transport. After all it gets the disadvantages like the crime that comes across King’s Hedges Road. Thanks for the comment. Happy to continue the debate.

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      • The pursuit of selfish goals at the expense of the wider community is neither liberal nor democratic. Perhaps you should join the Tories

        Best regards Peter Dawe (C) 2017


      • This is where I fear you’re only seeing half of the picture. As a councillor I have two (at least) responsibilities. One is quite narrow and is about doing the best for the people who live in the division which I represent. That’s the point of this point. The other is about trying to get the Council to do the right thing for people throughout the council which is why I do my best to fight against cuts to bus services, children’s centres, highways maintenance etc everywhere. That’s generally when I’m fighting the Tories, can’t imagine ever joining them. Hope you enjoy reading my blog and please check out the posts with more general county wide relevance. There are lots of them.


      • Oh I do understand, and believe your narrow attitude is what is wrong with local politics. A more equitable service provision is best for all. Nimby like attitudes impoverishes us all.

        Best Regards

        Dr Peter Dawe, OBE


        (c) P Dawe 2017


      • I will agree with your last two sentences but maybe we should also include something about an appropriate level of funding for said service provision. I’m not going to debate your assessment of me (the first sentence) but I’ve got quite a list of what’s wrong with politics, local and otherwise.


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