Police support for Orchard Park

policeI met the police inspector responsible for community policing, Paul Rogerson, earlier in the month. I invited Andrew Chan of the Community Council to join me.

Paul was impressive. He is well aware of the financial pressures on the police force and gave us a full and credible explanation of the thinking behind the strategy to employ fewer PCSOs and more PCs. He’s also very well informed about modern policing techniques around community building and crime prevention. That’s where it was useful to have Andrew present and to talk about Orchard Park.

Orchard Park has a bit of a low level crime and ASBO problem. Much of this seems to be imported but there’s still lots the community can do to deter it. The police has already demonstrated its commitment to addressing this by making a PC available full-time to address Orchard Park issues. At the meeting it went further and suggested establishing a working party of community groups which the police would join and steer.

The Community Council discussed the working party proposal and agreed to support it. I agreed to be co-opted as a member. It will meet soon and should be making a difference over the summer.

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