Save the citi8

drummer streetThe citi8 bus service from Cottenham used to be really good because it enabled people from Cottenham and Histon & Impington to get one bus to take them to Cambridge Station, to the 6th form colleges and to Addenbrooke’s. But no more.

Citing operational expediency Stagecoach now terminates the service at the city centre requiring those who need to travel onwards to get another bus. That wouldn’t be too bad but the city centre bus interchange does not make it easy. There’s poor/non-existent signage and it’s a lottery knowing which bus to get next.

I don’t blame Stagecoach. It’s a commercial operator and it knows how to manage its buses. It explains that because of congestion south of the city centre journey times get unpredictable making it difficult to run a reliable service. I’ll buy that.

I do blame the County Council. It’s responsible for our roads, for the operation of traffic lights and for measures which impact on traffic flows. It’s also responsible for operation of the city centre bus interchange which does little to make life easy for the bus user.

That’s why I agreed to post a petition which will be taken to the Council in February. It asks the Council, with the Greater Cambridge Partnership if appropriate, to:

  • sort out the congestion; and in the meantime
  • make it easier to change buses at the city centre.

You can sign the petition at Last time I checked it had just passed 500 signatures.

One comment

  1. The City8 service does not serve Cottenham well. The Church End and further north does not get served at all. Many other areas in Cottenham are far form a bus stop. The route into Cambridge winds its way around Histon, thus serving that village, but it extends the time taken to get into the City. The route needs to extend north of Cottenham, even one bus every hour, and this could be a direct bus (a rapid) into the city, missing out the figure of eight in Histon.
    Since the change to the service terminating in St Andrews street, the busses mostly keep to the time table, by extending them to Addenbrooke’s again, I fear the punctuality would be adversely affected.


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