Too much clutter

DSC03971I got to looking at the number of posts along the maintenance track (aka the cycle track) next to the Busway in Orchard Park. They are multiple! Most carry just one notice and several of these are just to satisfy legal requirements.

I noticed this as I was on site with the key county officer checking on a new black and white post which had been installed to replace two of the lower ‘knee bashing’ posts which are there to inhibit access to the maintenance track by motorised vehicles. The new black and white posts are easier to see so that’s an improvement but this one combined with a post a metre or so behind it to effectively limit the width of the track,

The officer agreed with the assessment of the problem and plan A was to move the black and white post forward. But there was a better plan B viz to get rid of the post behind it and move the signs on it to another cost close by. End result: safer cycling and less clutter. Bravo!

But as I looked around I reckon you could get rid of a good 50% of the other posts. That would reduce clutter which would be safer. Of course if we hadn’t put them up in the first place it would have saved money to.

The world seems to be full of redundant posts and, sometimes, the signs that they carry (like the ones that say ‘new road layout ahead’ which are still there years after the change) but nobody does anything about them. Why not? Let’s have a purge.

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