Too many weeds …

DSC06836I don’t know if the same is true outside Cambridgeshire but across this county there certainly seem to be lots of weeds along the sides of our roads.

There are two reasons for this. First is they’re being sprayed less frequently, only twice a year now, as the County Council looks for every means to save money. And second is that the weedkiller being used has less residual effect. That’s good because it doesn’t stay active in the environment when it’s no longer needed but it does mean that its effect decays rapidly. The result is more weeds.

Trouble is there have been local issues which have just now been identified and are now being addressed.

In Orchard Park where the local roads have only recently been adopted they did not make it onto the Council’s list of roads to be done.  That’s pretty dreadful, you wonder what else might  just get overlooked, but at least it’s been fixed, there will be a spray in September, and a letter of apology is to be sent.

In King’s Meadow, that part of Histon & Impington that’s south of the A14, the roads have been sprayed by the City Council which does this job on behalf of the County Council. Sadly it decided, that because King’s Meadow is in South Cambs and not in the City, that it would not do it this year. Sadly it seems that nobody realised the impact that this would have until the weeds appeared and grew ever stronger. In future, and starting September, these roads will also be sprayed along with those in Orchard Park.

So what do we know? People make mistakes and mistakes about weeds aren’t that dreadful: nobody dies. But you do worry that as we continually cut back some of those jobs we lose are the ones that ensure that mistakes aren’t made. Just maybe sometimes it’s worth paying a little more tax to get the job done and done right.

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