A pole in the wrong place

2017-07-08 15.03.36No this is not a Brexit post. It’s about one part of the County Council, the part that does traffic signals, not really appreciating what another part, the one that delivers cycle paths, does.

We’ve slowly been acquiring decent stretches of cycle path along the B1049. It’s not a totally satisfactory process because cycle paths should be continuous not disjointed. The bits in between are unsafe.

The stretch up to and over the A14 southbound has been improved with more width and a better access point for cyclists coming out of Cambridge Road. That was a simple change with massive advantage.

And then just last month the signals group upgraded the traffic lights, that’s good news, but put in a new pole which effectively halves the width of the cycle path. That’s bad news because the path narrows at this point, it’s a two way path and it’s heavily used. Several people have scratched their heads and asked ‘how can this be done?’

I’ve asked that the pole be moved back off the path with a bracket to carry the traffic lights over the path. Alternatively the path can be widened but ‘something must be done’. The current situation is a nonsense.

I’ve got every confidence that this will be sorted. It’s just silly that it happened in the first place.

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