School funding: get real

IVC resultsThe Government says it’s protecting schools’ budgets. It’s what’s known as being economical with the truth.

What it’s doing is giving schools the same number of pounds next year as it has this year. No extra for more pupils, no extra for inflation  and no extra for investment. That’s why you see reports of schools reducing the subjects which they teach, increasing student:staff ratios and cutting back on extra-curricular activities.

There’s another problem which hits us in Cambridgeshire which is the schools’ funding formula which leaves our schools underfunded compared with just about everywhere. To be fair all of our MPs of all parties have lobbied to get this changed but of course if it is other parts of the country would have to lose out. So don’t expect any action very soon.

For an informed view of this issue click here for an excellent summary by Peter Downes who knows a thing or two about education having been head at Hinchingbrooke School for several years.

The situation is further confused of course by the Tories saying that they will spend money on new grammar schools. They are divisive, they will be no where near universal and they are not needed. We should be using the money earmarked for them to sort out the funding problems of our existing schools. No more no less.

For another take on the issue click here.

And for a relevant Cambridge News article quoting heads of village colleges click here.

There’s an excellent site to see what will happen to the funding of individual schools at

Click here for how to respond to the current consultation if you’re worried about IVC in particular.


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