5 big wins

saving the Histon station

sos-crowd-documentWhen they were planning work to deliver the Guided Bus route there seemed to be an attitude of ‘the inspector didn’t tell us we must save Histon Station so we’ll knock it down’.

That was before the community got involved and on one famous Saturday morning about 300 people turned out  to protest and, surprise surprise, the Guided Bus planners finally realised it would be better not to demolish the station building so it’s still there and there are exciting plans for its redevelopment.

securing the 110 bus to Ely

dscn4259-1It used to be the Freedom Bus and for me the name was a good one. It ran weekly to Ely on market days and was used by about 30 people from Histon & Impington and Cottenham. They were all bus pass users and it was their club. They got out, met their friends and socially engaged.

Problem is it’s subsidised, to the tune of about £5000/year, and the County Council decided to cut all bus subsidies. No matter that the users of this bus stayed healthy and were less of a burden on the NHS and social care.

Fortunately common sense prevailed and although some subsidised buses were cut this one was not. In fact it now runs twice a week, Thursdays and Saturdays.

keeping Histon Library open

dsc03243-cropIt’s almost like they thought they could do it without telling us but County Council officers started talking about alternative ways of running Histon Library without telling us. Fortunately we did get involved and got agreement to extend the current provision.

At the same time the Friends of Histon Library was formed and is now active running events and getting the word out about what a good library we’ve got in Histon. The Friends also engaged with the Red Lion beer festival which gave them a grant towards new shelving. Combined with additional investment from the County Council  this has now delivered a very flexible community facility.

sorting out High Street flooding

dsc00960-cropFlooding in the High Street has been a problem for some years. Ask the owners of Lighthouse Toys. However determined work in 2013 cleared out a lot of rubble in the drains which was preventing them from working effectively.

The net result was that when we had the torrential rains a couple of years ago with flooding throughout the community and the B1049 closed the High Street wasn’t a problem.

There’s a need to be wary though. Weather is becoming more predictable and more heavy rainfall can be expected. Fortunately we’ve had a good study of community’s water management and what needs to be done is known. There is funding available so we just need to make sure that they are secured and that changes are made before they are needed.

getting funds for a new primary school in Impington

dsc02581-crop-2Two years ago 5 year old children were sent to primary schools outside the community. That should not have happened and as a result the current temporary classroom solution was implemented. Long term though a more permanent solution would be needed.

The result is a new primary school at the top of Mill Lane, Impington and investment in the junior school to turn it into a modern primary school as well.

David says: ‘the situation of 2 years ago angered me so I pushed hard for a long term solution. I’m pleased with the result and it’s another contribution to Histon & Impington’s sustainability’.