Guided Bus: some progress

Residents have been surprised by the appearance of multiple County Council documents along the guided bus route. The documents themselves don’t make a great deal of sense to most people but perhaps there’s hope that they are at least an indicator that this project is progressing.

Following bus trials in recent weeks this is indeed the case and these documents are a legal formality and relate to the acquisition of land for the busway. Anyone who is known to have an interest in land has already been contacted directly.

The project does appear to be in its final stages. Auditors are carrying out a final safety audit this week and the bus trials last month were carried out satisfactorily.

Opening of the busway is still dependant on BAM Nuttall handing over the busway. It will then have 28 days to rectify any defects after which the Council will bring in its own contractor to do this.

David says: ‘we’ve all waited a long time for this busway to be completed. With luck and a fair wind it will be open before the summer. Until then it will continue to operate as a very high quality 4-lane super cycle way!’

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