Options for food stores at Orchard Park etc

Cambridge City and South Cambs District councils are jointly consulting on a number of options for the provision of food-stores across north-west Cambridge. Consultation documents have been published and there will be a drop-in session at Orchard Park community centre this week (Wed 22 Sep 10 between 1800 and 2100).

Click here for a link to the South Cambs site to view the consultation documents. Click here for a summary leaflet.

There are 4 options and to a great extent they are only of secondary relevance to Orchard Park in that all 4 include the planned local food-store. However since 3 of the options include super-stores on the University and/or NIAB sites these could impact the viability of the Orchard Park store.

David says: this should be a redundant exercise for Orchard Park. It should already have its food-store. Unfortunately no council took leadership to make this happen so that we now have people who’ve been living at Orchard Park for over 2 years still waiting for their shops. It’s really not good enough. New developments must have their facilities in early so that communities can build and not be dormitories reliant on services from elsewhere.’

‘The County Council is supposed to have a ‘leadership of place’ responsibility and its strategy calls for the development of sustainable communities. It should back these up with actions to get shops etc built and operating at an early stage in the life of new communities.’

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