Lib Dems oppose building houses close to the A14

Local Lib Dem district councillors, Jonathan Chatfield and Edd Stonham,  have spoken out against the proposals to allow homes to be built on Orchard Park close to the A14 on plots originally reserved for community or commercial buildings. They were commenting on an application from Barrett Homes for permission to build 182 dwellings on plots on the northern fringe of the development tight up against the A14.

Barrett’s application was dismissed but the principle of residential use for the plots was confirmed.

Jonathan says: ‘ We have spoken out on many occasions and called for Orchard Park to be a truly mixed use development of homes, shops, offices, hotel and retail.  If sustainable development is to mean anything we must prevent this area from becoming purely a housing development.  There must be employment opportunities, shops and services, as well as homes people want to live in.  The idea of putting more and more housing alongside the busy A14 does not make sense in terms of noise, pollution and overall land use.  We must build homes and communities.  We should not just pack in as many houses as possible into a location that does not make sense.’

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