Good bus news for Rampton

It’s not exactly big bus news but it is positive and a response to the efforts of local people and county councillors to improve the bus service for the village. Stagecoach has agreed to put on an extra direct service from Cambridge at the end of the working day.

David and Sue have been working hard with county council officers and with Stagecoach to persuade them of the merits of a more frequent bus service to Rampton. This was reinforced by the petition (click here for more information) which villages presented to the county council at the end of 2009.

Under the new arrangements there will be straight through buses to Cambridge in the morning and from the city in the evening. In addition there are 3 connecting services whereby villagers can use the 106 service to connect with the Citi 7. A leaflet is being produced (click here for a copy) and will be distributed within the village during September.

Sue says: ‘This is good news and due credit must go to Stagecoach for enabling it to happen. But it must only be the first step. Our next challenge is to find a way of enabling travellers to avoid the penalty of having to buy a single ticket to Cottenham before they can buy a dayrider on Stagecoach when they use the connecting service. That’s unfair but it will not be easy to manage.’

One comment

  1. good news for rampton 🙂

    btw are they looking at the citi7 route anytime soon? I for one would prefer less frequent buses (you always see them queued up at stops in Cottenham) but a faster direct service. Peak hours there’s also no route to the science park, where I’m sure a lot of people work from histon and cottenham.


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